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Pork scratchings


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The traditional slaughter carried out in the inland towns of the province of Lugo is the base of the know-how of these pork scratchings. Made from premium quality pigs, fed with a base of cereals and chestnuts.

For their preparation, pieces like rind, belly or bacon, among others, are meticulously selected. These are slowly melted for several hours to obtain a uniform texture, they are then seasoned to obtain their characteristic golden colour. Finally they are pressed as is typical in this area of Lugo, for better preservation and handling, to obtain this cold cut.

This product is free of additives and colourings.

Pork rind, belly and bacon, salt, onion and apple

Approximate weight 800g
Store between 0ºC and 4ºC

Nutrition information 
(Average values per 100 g)

Energy: 317 kcal / 1323 kJ
Fat: 8 g 
of which saturated: 2.6 g
Carbohydrates: 0.6 g 
of which sugars: <0.1 g
Protein: 32.4 g
Salt: 2.35 g

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