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D.O. Ribeira Sacra Mencía Amandi Oak Cask 12 Months 2014 Wine


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This red wine is harvested on the slopes of the canyons of the river Sil as it passes through the county of Sober. It is made from Mencía grapes, and is part of the Ribeira Sacra Designation of Origin (Amandi).

The vines are situated on steep, almost arid terrain, making the production very low, but excellent. The inclination of the slopes allows the grape to receive more hours of sun giving them better ripening and aromatic intensity.

At this winery, the wine has been made in the same way for five generations. Hand picking and transporting the grapes from the bottom of steep slopes, using small boxes that keep the grapes and their properties intact, to then leave them to ferment, macerate and rest in oak barrels for 12 months.

Designation of Origin: Ribeira Sacra
Subarea: Amandi
Grape variety: Mencía
Alcohol: 14 %Vol
Vintage: 2014
Capacity: 75 cl
Ageing in barrel: 12 months
Type of Barrel: Oak

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