Houbo un babyboom no ciclón Hortensia?
Was there a baby-boom during Hurricane Hortense?

D.O. Ribeiro Blanco 2016 White Wine


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The banks of the river Avia, a tributary of the river Miño, on its passage through the county of Beade (Ourense), create a unique microclimate for winemaking. The river moderates the winter frost and the intense summer heat. Its banks of granite rock, and its recesses with multiple orientations, make the perfect equation to create a great wine.

In this enclave made for viticulture, there is a small family winery. For several generations, using Treixadura (80%) and Godello (20%) grapes, they have produced this excellent Ribeiro Designation of Origin white wine. Using practically artisanal methods to obtain a very solid wine, with a balanced palate and sensations of fineness and delicacy.

Designation of Origin: Ribeiro
Subarea: Beade
Grape variety: Treixadura 80%, Godello 20%
Alcohol: 13% Vol
Vintage: 2016
Capacity: 75 cl

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