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Long apron with pocket.
One size: 80x63 cm
Composition: 65% polyester, 35% cotton.

Long apron with pocket.
One size: 80x63 cm
Composition: 65% polyester, 35% cotton.

Designation of Origin: Rías Baixas
Subarea: Val do Salnés
Grape variety: Albariño 100%
Alcohol: 13% Vol
Vintage: 2016
Capacity: 75 cl

A small family winery, just 2 hectares of vineyards, some centennial vineyards and lots of know-how. That is all it takes to create a great Albariño.

Set within the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin, this white wine is made from own strains, cultivated with dedication in a privileged area of Val do Salnés, with a mixture of traditional viticulture with more modern oenological touches.

The result is a wine made by "Albariño artisans", but with a unique and sophisticated character.

Olive oil and superior category from Brava & Mansa native olives

Oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical procedures
250 ml 

Nutritional information
(Content per 100 g)
Energy value 3700 kJ / 900 Kcal
Fat: 100 g
of which saturated: 15 g
Carbohydrates: 0 g
of which sugars 0 g
Proteins 0 g
Salt: 0 g

Extra virgin olive oil of first quality from native Galician Brava & Mansa olives. The only 100% Galician, obtained directly from ancient olive trees that have been preserved and recovered to keep alive the already qualified as the great liquid gold of Galicia. These varieties of Galician olive provide an oil with very different aromatic levels: herbal and fresh touches with a low level of bitterness. A unique flavor in the world. But we also have to talk about the healthy properties of this product since time immemorial, and that nowadays has been recognized by universities such as the University of Vigo and the University of Córdoba. A delicacy that can only be tasted in Terra de Questions.

Mussels 61% and escabeche marinade sauce  39% (olive oil 68%, wine vinegar 22%, onion, garlic, salt and mixture of herbs)

4/6 pieces
Size: Giant
Capacity: 120 ml
Net weight: 115 g
Drained weight: 70 g
Store in a cool, dry place
Once open consume within 24h and keep in the refrigerator

Nutrition information
(Average value per 100 g of drained product)

Energy: 168 kcal / 714 kJ
Fat: 8,7 g
of which saturared: 1,5 g
Carbohydrates: 2,3 g
of which sugars: 0 g
Protein: 20,1 g
Salt: 1,6 g

Excellent giant mussels from the Muros-Noia ría, where they are grown using artisanal methods, waiting patiently until they reach optimum maturity, which enables them to grow to such an extraordinary size. Harvested and chosen by hand, they are washed in sea water and then cooked. When this process is finished, they are covered in a traditional pickle and marinated with natural ingredients such as olive oil, onion, garlic and spices which soak through the mussels, giving them such a characteristic flavour and creating one of the best delicacies in gourmet preserves. 


Razor clams, water and salt

Net weight: 115 g 
Drained weight: 65 g 
Store in a cool, dry place 
Once open consume within 24h, and keep in the refrigerator

Nutrition information 
(Average value per 100 g of drained product)

Energy: 96 kcal / 408 kJ 
Fat: 1.6 g 
of which saturated: 0.5 g 
Carbohydrates: 2.3 g 
of which sugars: 0 g 
Protein: 18.1 g 
Salt: 1.6 g

The Terra de Preguntas razor clams are caught in the Arousa Estuary, an ideal habitat for the growth of this mollusc. In search of excellence, they select breeding banks combining perfect salinity of their waters, impressive sandbanks, and natural shelter against the inclement conditions of the sea.

Artisan methods are used for their packaging, purifying them and steaming them; they are then washed with warm salt water to enhance their flavour. They are packed and liquid is added to cover them straight away: hot water from cooking the razor clams. They are carefully de-shelled manually one by one. This ensures that the pieces are not broken and can be packed whole. Finally they are covered with natural water for their preservation, obtaining maximum quality preservation and intense flavour.

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