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Extra Sausage


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New Terra de Preguntas sausages with a traditional and unmistakable flavour.

Thanks to an artisan elaboration, our sausage transports you to a unique moment when you savor a piece of it. It is made in the province of Lugo in a traditional way, based on ham, bacon and a mixture of spices such as nutmeg or black pepper, which gives it the intense and characteristic flavor of this product.

The meat is stuffed into natural pork casing and covered with rice flour, giving the sausage its characteristic texture. Both the ingredients used in its preparation and its natural curing for 45 days make this sausage a piece of the highest quality.

It comes in packages of 300 to 400 grams vacuum packed so that you can enjoy the sausages for a long period of time without losing its aroma and flavor. It is recommended to store in a cool and dry place.


Pork loin and fat, salt, spices (pepper and nutmeg), dextrose, food stabilizer (E-450, E-452), antioxidant (E-331, E-301), presevative (E-252). Natural gut.


Approximate weight 300/400 g
Store in a cool dry place
Packed in a vacuum

Nutrition information

(Average values per 100 g of product)

Energy:  438,42 kcal / 1841,36 kJ
Fat: 33,37 g
of which saturated: 11,33 g
Carbohydrates: 1,80 g
of which sugars: 1,43 g
Protein: 32,73 g
Salt: 2,97 g

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